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First post

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, this is the first post on this blog. This post is not important, but one day it will be a great history, history that might make you laugh if you read this post. 🤣

Not only that, in this post you will find out my reasons why I like Blogger more than others?

The reason I like Blogger

The reason I like Blogger is very simple because Blogger is Google. Well from here it's very clear. Basically because I really love Google.

Why is that so? Because I obtained self-taught knowledge so far, mostly from Google.

Does it sound excessive? I think not if you experience the same thing. Believe it can reach this all thanks to Google. Google is my most valuable teacher throughout this time.

In addition, the reason is because Blogger belongs to Google and automatically has the best quality, even though it's free to create and doesn't need to worry about mastering it, it only has basic html, css and javascript (if you are a Web Developer) how to write the right article and so on. so on.
Maybe in the future I will try to relax and instill a family atmosphere for all visitors on my personal blog. Because I want the knowledge that I share is useful. Insha Allah ☺

I think it's enough, for the rest maybe you can ask in the comments column. For the next post I will post the template used on this blog.

Greetings everyone, thank you for visiting, I hope you feel good on my blog. Hehe  😁

Buy this template?

If you are interested in the template used on this blog, please use the link below.

Era Material


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