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Tags data:view

The tags data:view are part of the universal set, they can be used anywhere in the Blogger Template. By using this tags you can customize the interface of the Blogger Template design, show or hide widget, content or code. For a better understanding, I have grouped them according to the type of information they print.

Basic Information

data:view.title [string] Title of the current view.
data:view.description [string] Description of the current view.
data:view.type [string] Type of the current view, either item, feed or error_page.
data:view.postId [string] Id of the post for the current view, if the current view is a post.
data:view.pageId [string] Id of the page in the current view, if the view is a page item.
data:view.url [url] The url of the current view.
data:view.featuredImage [image] Featured image for the current view.

Type of page

They check the page type and return a value between true and false.

data:view.isHomepage [boolean] true if the current view is the homepage of the blog, otherwise false.
data:view.isSearch [boolean] true if the current view is is search page, otherwise false.
data:view.isLabelSearch [boolean] true if the current view is search by labels, otherwise false.
data:view.isArchive [boolean] Fields relating to the archive for the current view, otherwise false.
data:view.isMultipleItems [boolean] true if the current view has multiple posts, e.g. the homepage or a search page, otherwise false.
data:view.isPost [boolean] true if the current view is a post, otherwise false.
data:view.isPage [boolean] true if the current view is a page, otherwise false.
data:view.isSingleItem [boolean] true if the current view is a single post or page, otherwise false.
data:view.isError [boolean] true if the current view is an error page, otherwise false.
data:view.isPreview [boolean] true if the current view is a preview, otherwise false.
data:view.isLayoutMode [boolean] true if the view is the Layout mode for widgets, otherwise false. [string] Query filter for search. [string] Label filter for search. [string] Displays a message about the search results being shown. [string] It shows a message fragment corresponding to the search results, accompanied by HTML.


data:view.archive.rangeMessage [string] Message describing the current archive view's date range. [number] Day of the current archive feed view.
data:view.archive.month [number] Month of the current archive feed view.
data:view.archive.year [number] Year of the current archive view.


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