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Pinkyui is a blog that discusses tutorials, guides for Blogger and Front-End Developer.
On this blog you can find tutorials, guides, tips about Blogger, Front-End Developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
Discussions on this blog focus more on blogger platforms and web developer. Besides there is, but only as a complement.


Pinkyui was founded by Muhammad Nur Fuad.
Pinkyui officially published on November 22, 2018.


The domain used by Pinkyui is only, otherwise it doesn't exist.

Why is the domain name Pinkyui?

Actually there is nothing special about the domain name, the reason being because I like pink color and I like a creative design, then from me just combine the words Pinky with ui into Pinkyui which means designing with love ❤️.


While Pinkyui is hosting use Blogger. Maybe one day we will move, if it's needed.

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Best regards,
Muhammad Nur Fuad 🙏

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