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JSON Prettify/Minify

Use this online tool to Prettify/Beautify/Format or Minify/Compress your JSON code.
Please note, this tool not support the error reports and only working if the code is valid without error.
If you need validate JSON use JSON validation tools like a JSONLint.

How to use JSON Prettify/Minify?

  1. Before using this tool, backup the code you want to use.
  2. Write, Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop in the form below or press the Load Data button to load JSON code from URL or Upload (.json/.webmanifest/.txt) - maximum size limit for file upload is 15 MB.
  3. Press Process button to get output.
  4. To switch from Prettify to Minify please press Minify JSON (off).
  5. If the output code is available you can Copy, Download and Undo (if possible).
     "active": true,
     "person": [
         "name": "John Doe",
         "age": 22,
         "married": false,
         "labels": [
         "name": "Anonymous",
         "age": 1000,
         "married": true,
         "labels": []

Load External Data

The tool allows you to upload a .json, .webmanifest, .txt or load external data from URL containing JSON data. The maximum size limit for file upload is 15 MB.
Note: If URL does not have an extension, please add forward slash (/) at the end of URL. Example URL

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