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How to buy our products

Below are some ways to make payments our products here like a Blogger Template. Please use one of them and follow the rules.

Payment methods

Currently the payment method is only available through Bank and PayPal. Please choose one with a note according to the rules.


Payment using the Bank is only valid if you live in Indonesia.

Bank No. Rekening A/N
BCA 2340306573 Muhammad Nur Fuad


Payments using PayPal are universal, but if you live in Indonesia it is better to use a Bank.

Easy to make payments using PayPal, just using a PayPal.Me.
14.344,00 IDR/USD.

Payment confirmation

After you make a payment, please confirm via the contact provided below. It is expected to send a screenshot/photos proof of payment. The following confirmation format:

Product name:
Product price:
Payment method:
Your name:
Your email:

Confirmation Contact

Email: illvartv [at]
Telegram: @illvart


  1. Your request will be processed no later than 1x24 hours.
  2. Tax/fee is borne by the buyer.
  3. Send a payment confirmation to one of the contacts provided above. No need to confirm to all contacts.
  4. Please do not send confirmation repeatedly.
  5. Please send an email that is still active, because the product will be sent via the email.
  6. We guarantee the privacy of your email, account number and wallet, will not be misused and will not be given to anyone and any party.
  7. I will send the product after I receive a valid proof of payment according to the rules above.
  8. If something is confusing, please ask via the available contact.

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